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[Name]: Nami
[Canon]: One Piece
[Age]: 18
[Gender]: Female
[Canon Point]: Post-Sabaody Archipelago

[History]: Wiki Link

[Personality]: Nami is a girl with a dream. A dream that she has had since she was a mere child. At a young age she discovered that she had great skill in cartography, or the art of map making. Not only was she good at it to the point that she made a map of her home island at only ten, she enjoyed it. She dreamed of becoming a navigator and sailing the world to create a map of all the places that she went. It became her dream to create a map of the world. Even through the difficulties in her life, her adoptive mother Bellemere being killed by the Fishman pirate Arlong who then took Nami and made her draw charts for him, Nami never lost sight of her dream. She went by a phrase that Bellemere would always say “If you can survive them someday good things will come your way.” So she endured the pain in her life, awaiting for the day where she would be free to smile again. And that day did indeed come in the form of the Straw Hat Pirates, and because of them Nami is now free to pursue her dream.

There are many ways to describe Nami. She is introduced as a very clever and devious girl, able to use her acting skills to fool a trio of pirates into believing that she is in desperate need of help and willing to pay them before revealing her true intentions stealing everything that they had while leaving them to be capsized. She has a charm to her and is also a very pretty girl, which she is aware of and uses her looks and charm to talk people, mainly men, into doing what she wants. For instance she tried to use her looks and charm on the woman-loving Sanji when they had met to try to get out of paying for the meal, and it worked. She is very intelligent and when she has enough information, she can piece things together easily such as being able to realize that the floating island of Skypeia was once a part of the island of Jaya. In battle she uses her wits to get through them such as using her meteorology knowledge in combination with her weapon, the Clima-Tact and making observations when fighting the Devil Fruit user Kalifa to realize how her powers worked and how to fight against those powers. She is also knowledgeable about geography and sailing the oceans, natural since she is a navigator and a very talented one at that, even being able to navigate the crew to the dangerous Knock-Up Stream and into Sky Island. Even at a tender age of 10 she was able to draw ocean charts and a map of her home island all by herself, which even impressed the human-hating Arlong. She is also very skilled at predicting the weather even on the Grand Line, able to predict an incoming cyclone which Vivi noted was supposed to be impossible to do on the Grand Line due to it’s constant changes. Oh, and she did that while running a fever of over 104 degrees.

She is a rather calm and logical girl, sometimes feeling like she is the only one with common sense among her crew. Her hobbies including mapping, growing mikan trees, and just taking time to relax on deck. She likes adventure, but she will take advantage of the peace when it comes, such as relaxing on a beach in Skypeia while commenting that it’s been a while since she had a chance to relax. She doesn’t usually participate in the more crazy antics of her crew such as Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper’s goofing off, often being on the side and doign her own thing or talking to Robin, but she will happily join in partying when one is held and also enjoys drinking, in which she can outdrink nearly anyone. She is also rather logical in terms of her way of thinking, having believed that Devil Fruits were myths until she saw Buggy use his powers and was doubtful to believe in an island in the sky, but decided that it was real for sure after being mocked when asking about in in Mock Town. She takes situations that could lead to danger seriously, such as being unwilling to stay on the prehistoric island of Little Garden due to the dangers presented there, but since Luffy wanted to go out she despairingly realized that it was hopeless. She can therefore get quite annoyed with Luffy since her idea of serious differs greatly from his. For example she is against having a bounty as it will draw more Marines and bounty hunters to them, causing her to yell at Luffy and Zoro when they were very much pleased with the high amount on their bounty posters. She is also a bit of a no-nonsense person, while she will let the crew be when they are dancing and joking around when there isn’t anything going on, when it happens during a storm or when their lives are in danger, she won’t hesitate to yell and/or hit them over the head for not taking things seriously.

Emotionally, Nami has a full range of emotions such as happiness, sadness, anger, frustration, etc. and she does express these. However she is also someone who will hold in how she feels and isn’t willing to let her crewmates hear some of her more sincere confessions, such as trying to prevent Luffy from hearing her confess to asking him for help at the very end of Strong World. She is someone who puts on a mask to hide how she feels which she has done since 10 to hide how much pains he was enduring due to Arlong in an attempt to keep the villagers out of harm’s way and only confessing to her sister Nojiko. She also does this in Strong World against Shiki, hiding any sadness or fear that she may feel around him except for letting out some anger after he caught her trying to blow up the poisonous trees to draw the giant animals to the base. She will try to control her emotions until she reaches the point where she can’t, such as crying at Merry’s funeral and breaking into tears after hearing Merry’s voice and hearing Luffy tearfully apologize for the mistreatment done to the ship. In a way she is a foil to Luffy in the regard that he has no filter and is carefree while she places one before herself and tries to keep herself under control.

Nami has another thing that that she is passionate about, and that is money. She was poor as a child and resorted to stealing to get what she wanted. When she joined Arlong, she became a thief to get a billion beli, not for herself but to use it to but back her home village. Even after Arlong was defeated and she no longer had to steal money, she still loves it. Not to the point of selfishness however, she merely sees money as a good thing since it has been able to get her what she needs and was needed to help her free her home. She will take up any beli or treasure when the chance arises and she is the one who balances it out, acting and the treasurer of the crew,. She does give the others a weekly allowance, though she’s likely to give more to the responsible Robin than to the more carefree Luffy. She will also leave treasure to those that she develops a bond with, such as her village, Vivi, and Lola, and is was also very willing to give up money to save a friend, such as Keimi who was going to be made a slave by the Celestial Dragons. However she will probably declare the money ‘her’s’ and doesn't like wasting it all at a time, hence why she divides it up so that the others can sue their share for whatever they want. But she will scold them if they nearly go over the budget, getting after Luffy for ordering a bunch of steaks as they weren't in town for the purpose of shopping.

Around her crew, Nami’s skill in navigation is highly valued and she is greatly respected and trusted by them. However she can come across as bossy at times when she is trying to get things done. She can easily get irritated at Luffy such as when he does something like beat up a snake from the inside that riles it up and puts them in further trouble, causing her to punch him over the head. Her crewmates antics can annoy her, such as Zoro sleeping when they are trying to sail through a storm or Sanji being love sick during a dire situation like writing a love note to Nami before it gets to the more critical details about what he’s doing. The usual exceptions to her wrath are Chopper, who is younger and more naive compared to the others, and Robin who is calmer and doesn’t get into the crazy antics to the point where Nami often ‘despairs’ to her about the craziness of the others. But while the crew does annoy her at times, Nami has learned to accept them and even comments to Vivi about how it feels like all cares just go away when sailing with them. She knows that her crewmates are strong and that nothing can stop them, especially Luffy. She has assured people such as Vivi that the crew can handle things and worries far less when Luffy comes to the rescue, like being less worried when she, Zoro, and Vivi were about to be turned into statues once Luffy arrived and instead scolded Zoro for posing during the situation. She holds a lot of respect for her crewmates, such as knowing that Usopp is smart and going to him to make her a weapon and also because he relates to her as being a human of normal strength, and she also respects Chopper’s medical knowledge and was even the one who invited him to join the crew first for that reason. She cares for her crew to the point where she surrendered herself to a powerful pirate named Shiki to protect them as well as save her hometown, but still asks Luffy to help her with a Tone Dial (though she tries to stop him from hearing it after the situation is over). She will do what she can to protect her friends and other loved ones as they would her.

Nami has come a long way since she was introduced. She used to hate pirates because of what they did to her and her home in the past, but upon meeting Luffy and seeing how he wasn’t a bad guy to the point that he got back a box of dog food for a dog who’s treasure (a pet food store) had just been destroyed, her opinion slowly changed. By the time of the Arlong Arc, her opinions had completely changed and she saw the Straw Hats has her friends, deciding to officially join them now that she no longer was tied to Arlong. She was often afraid when it came to fighting and would get the boys to do the dangerous jobs, such as sending Zoro to face two Baroque Works agents by using a debt that he owes her against him. But overtime she became braver, being willing to face a Devil Fruit user in Alabasta for the sake of Vivi after realizing how she always runs and hides while her friends fight with all that they have. She feared the God-like Eneru and even tried to get away by asking to go with him on his arc to save herself, but after Luffy tried to face him the first time she decided that she’d rather die than abandon her friends as there is no point to her desires if she has to leave them. She is willing to face strong opponents to protect her friends, such as two brothers of one of Eneru’s Vassals that was defeated and even briefly tried to attack Admiral Aokiji, though she was easily taken down. In Enies Lobby she faced Kalifa without hesitation after she defeated Sanji and was also determined to get her key which may free Robin. In Strong World she refused to join Shiki despite beign held captive and only agreed to save her friends and to stop the evil pirate from attacking the East Blue form the inside, even though it got her seriously poisoned. By the time of Thriller Bark and Sabaody, she is willing to face powerful opponents alongside her friends such as facing Kuma to protect Luffy and fighting alongside her nakama against a Pacifista. She can still be fearful of things such as giant monsters, anything related to the horror genre, and is still not the most powerful of the crew. But she is more willing to fight for and alongside her friends instead of hiding and letting them handle it. After a two year timeskip not only is she far less fearful of danger, but she is also less irritable and violent to her crew and hits them for their childishness far less often, but as Nami is being pulled from before that she has not reached that development quite yet.

To put things simply, Nami is a complex person. She is a nice girl and a good person, but she's no saint either . She can be irritated with her crewmates, but she still cares about them and is loyal to them to the end. She is a self-sacrificing person who is willing to put herself through great emotional pan for others, such as she did against Arlong and Shiki. She is not the most powerful fighter, but she can still hold her own and her wits are the reason that she is able to last against her opponents. Emotionally, while by no means emotionless, she will try to keep herself under control and keep in more painful feelings until it gets to the point where she can’t, but she isn’t afraid to show when she’s in a good mood either. There are many other things about her, such as her favorite food being mikans and she takes a shower daily. She is overall a complex character who may be bossy and irritable at times, but she is also smart, loyal, and she never gives up on fulfilling her dreams.

[Abilities / Strengths & Weaknesses]:
Nami is a very skilled navigator and cartographer, able to plot a course for her crew to take quickly and her skills in map making have been strong since she was a child, to the point even the human-hating pirate Arlong was able to see it. She is also very skilled at weather predicting, able to sense changes and able to predict what is coming just by merely looking at the clouds. Her predicting skills are so great that she was even able to predict a cyclone while running a high fever. Due to this, the crew often looks to her to tell them what to do when dealing with the bizarre weather changes of the Grand Line.

She is also a skilled thief, having honed her skills in this since she was young, having resorted to thieving due to being poor. She honed her skills later to get money to buy her home from Arlong and targeted pirates due to her initial hatred of them. She is skilled enough that she can pickpocket items such as keys of wallets without anyone noticing until she reveals said item, once demonstrating this by stealing the wallet of everyone in her village as she was leaving with the Straw Hats in little time. Even after her hatred of pirates faded, she is still more than happy to rob them of all the money and treasure that they have and often succeeds with little problems.

Aside from her thieving and navigation skills, Nami is skilled with a bo staff, which was her primary weapon until she was given the
Clima-Tact. It was created by Usopp upon her request to help her fight and make up for her lacking superhuman abilities, though it was originally only able to do party tricks and it had rather weak attacks. Despite this she was able to find ways to use it along with her weather skills to her advantage such as creating mirages and a powerful electric attack called the Thunderbolt Tempo. Later on, the weapon was upgraded into the Perfect Clima Tact which has most of the same functions as the first version, but the attacks were much more powerful and capable of causing more damage which worked even better with Nami’s weather capabilities. The usage of this weapon is known as the Art of Weather.

Weaknesses: Though the Clima Tact helps her fighting abilities significantly, Nami is still more of a supporting fighter. Physically while she is agile enough to jump gates and rooftops well and is capable of knocking out a guy by hitting him in the head with her staff, she is at the level of a normal human and compared to her more superhuman crewmates, she is far weaker which she is fully aware of.and therefore will often get one of the crew to fight for her. Her speed and endurance level is also that of a normal human so she can’t take as much damage as her crewmates, so she can go down rather easily when hit hard enough.

Though her Clima Tact is a strong weapon, Nami can’t fully control how much damage it causes. For example when she uses an electric attack, she uses too much power and not only electrocutes the Marines and two of her crewmates,s he almost electrocutes herself. She blames this design flaw on Usopp.

[Limited Powers]: I don’t see much that needs to be limited. I may slightly tone down her more powerful moves but unless the mods wish for me to limit anything specifically, I think she's good.

[Other Important Facts]: When Nami arrives, she will have with her her Clima Tact, a gold bracelet, and the Log Pose, a wristband that has a glass ball attached to it which has a compass-like needle within it.

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Hello there everyone. I heard that people could see whatever gets written in here, so I might as well test to see if it's true. So I was hoping that if anyone who's familiar with this place can help me out. You see, I'm trying to find a way to get out of this place and back home, but since I know practically nothing about this place I need some information. Like where am I exactly? And most importantly, is there a way that I can be sent home?

If any of you could answer my questions for me, I'd appreciate it. Just tell me soon, I want to know as much as I can as quickly as I can. Otherwise, I think that's it. Thanks for the help!


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